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Lena Stats
Birthday: February 28th 1985

Height: 5'6"

Siblings: Brother

Hobbies: Kick boxing

Horse back riding

Lena Cardwell was born in Detroit Michigan where she was raised by her mother Cally. Growing up Lena took lessons in dancing, singing, acting, gymnastics, violin, piano and drums. Her mother even allowed her to preform in Detroit's Eastern Market to earn extra money to pay for the lessons. Lena and her mother moved to New York so Lena could do a Nike commercial. However after arriving in New York the commercial was canceled which left Lena and her Mother homeless. To provide for her family Lena began singing on street corners and train stations to earn money.

While in New York Lena attended Manhattan's Professional Performing Arts School, and took lessons at the Broadway Dance School of New York. She got an agent and went on auditions in between classes and eventually after two years living on the streets Lena and her mother were able to move into an apartment. Lena began to guest appear in television shows such as New York Undercover and America's Most wanted and film roles such as The Catrina Gaynor Story, Big Daddy and The Object of My Affection starring Jennifer Aniston.

In 1999 Lena got the opportunity of a life time. She was chosen to play the character of Simone Russell on NBC's new hit Soap Opera Passions. Getting this role was like a dream come true for Lena. She moved from New York to California to tape the show. Her role as Simone created a lot of buzz and established the bulk of her fan base. She is most noticeable for her character on the Soap Opera but after a nearly two year stint on the show Lena left the show. She is now living in California and working on her acting and music career. Her first album titled Black Barbee is available online now at www.bumpit.com and www.mp3.com. Some may have given up or been very discouraged going through all of the things that Lena did growing up, but Lena never lost site of her dreams. She stayed focused and was able to make all her dreams come true.

Lena Links

Here are the lyrics to all of the songs on Lena's Debut Demo Album "Black Barbee".